Short Knife

Frozen Short Sword

Short Sword

Menacing Flail

Blood Covered Short Sword

Small Shovel

Hunters Bow

Morning Star


Small Shield

Wool Coat

Leather Coat

Target Shield

Iron Helm

Helm of Cajar

Kite Shield

Bronze Helm

Basic Belt


Small Chisel

Pick Axe

Shield of Dravoes

Shadow Blade

Steel Platemail

Iron Guard

Bronze Guard

Swift Sword


Southern GrasslandsEdit

Helm of Life

Battlers Guard

Cajarian Long Spear

Shield of Loneliness

Heavy Broadsword

Tribal War Axe

The GraveyardEdit

Steel Platemail

Shamshir of al Vlange

Vexilar's GardenEdit

Wooden Stick

Thorned Stick

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