The largest city in our world. Cajar is home to thriving businesses, guilds and clans. It is also rumored to have many secret societies that are funded by wealthy aristocrats. It's the largest of all the towns and villages and it houses the headquarters of the greatest guilds.


Carved into the earth itself, the inhabitants of the town have a unique relationship with the land. Gold, silver and precious jewels glitter beneath the many candles which light even the deepest crevices of the rotunda. Narrow paths lead to upper levels which seem to comprise the residential district. Men and women pass around you with brisk efficiency; it is as though everyone in this rich mining town has a purpose! Due to its location few know of Dravoes’ existence. It is a town for miners and the curious adventurer. Explore the mines or head to the jewelsmith or forge for all your metallurgy needs.

East of Cajar

If you exit Cajar to the East you will find yourself on a path leading to the Inne at Apprentice Run and Hills of the Magi.

Eldron Bridge

While to the West of Cajar, if you follow the path South West, you will find the Eldron Bridge.

Ruins Castle

While wondering in the Ruins you will stumble across a large castle. Enter if you dare.

Serazin Nest

Strange libraries can lead you to strange nests.

Small Dock

While in the West of Cajar, if you follow the path North West you will run into Alexdor. He can lead you to the Small Dock.

South of Cajar

Exiting Cajar to the South will bring you to a path. The path leads you to The Farm, The Dark Cave, The Crypt, the Southern Grasslands, and The Deep Forest.

Southern Grasslands

A grassy area to the South of Cajar. It's home to fearsome creatures and one crazy hermit.

The Crypt

The resting home of many deceased souls.

The Dark Cave

The Cave's mouth stands large and forbidding before you, its secrets hidden by the dark depth. Rumor around Cajar is that many Golems dwell here... Is it safe? Does it matter?

The Deep Forest

A forest filled with bats, goblins, and trolls... Oh my!

The Farm

A peaceful little farm land located to the South East of Cajar.

The Lower Sewers

Many will explore the sewers of Cajar, but the brave will venture past the metal grate and into the lower parts.

The Mausoleum

If you follow the path in the graveyard, you'll find the Mausoleum at the end. This worn marble edifice gives silent witness to the sadness behind you and to the evil facing you. It towers over you larger than it appeared from down the path. It beckons you to enter even as the obsidian darkness of its doorway warns you away.

The Ruins

If you head to the East of Cajar and find the Inne at Apprentice Run, you will meet Magnus who can get you to The Ruins.

The Sewers

Located below Cajar you will find The Sewers. You can decide for yourself which is worse; The monsters or the smell.

Vexilar's Garden

This is the first place you will visit when you begin your journey! The garden is a great place to learn the basics.

West of Cajar

When you exit Cajar to the West, the path will lead you to The Small Dock and the Eldron Bridge.