Korven: South of Cajar 75-79

Margon: Cave 84-67

Old Man: Farm 77-74

Vexilar: Vexilars Garden 98-78

Grandma: Vexilars Garden 98-93

Threeka the Assistant: Sewer 75-75

Jexly: Graveyard 82-74

Mysterious Old Rhizard: Sewer 78-69

Gorem: Graveyard 86-69

The Hermit: Southern Grasslands 87-80

Zurac the Diseased: Mausoleum 84-86

Theron Dak: Ruins 88-106

Yzender the Goblin Leader: Forest 85-51

Rookie Fisherman: Small Dock 70-83

Smeeble: South of Cajar 82-90

Alexdor: West of Cajar 61-66

Alexdor: Small Dock 75-83

Trouluk the Vine Weaver: Forest 80-46

Crimson Guard: West of Cajar 67-68

Magical Aspostate: West of Cajar 68-77

Travelling Merchants: West of Cajar 62-78

Pit Master: Small Dock 75-79

Journeyman Fisherman: Small Dock 68-79

Master Fisherman: Small Dock 68-75

Group of Bandits: West of Cajar 61-70

Mysterious Man: West of Cajar 56-76

Neomo: Vexilars Garden 106-85

Lieutenant Inara: Eldron Bridge 59-75

Elwyn: Eldron Bridge 75-74

Irina: Eldron Bridge 67-74

Eldron Guard Mina: Eldron Bridge 61-74

Eldron Guard Sarama: Eldron Bridge 61-76

Circe: Eldron Bridge 70-76

Daichi: Eldron Bridge 64-75

Ghelrood: South of Cajar 75-76

The Quartermaster: East of Cajar 80-74

Fortune Teller: East of Cajar 93-80

Detective Alith: West of Cajar 66-73

Rhiannon: Ruin Castle 124-129

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