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PhantasyRPG is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that was created by GamersBrand Entertainment. It is completely free. It has many quests to complete, monsters to slaughter, lands to vanquish, and many other features. This game does not require any software to download; you play it directly on your browser. It is made and run in PHP and MySQL.

In this game you have the ability to explore the ever-growing world of Denzar. Throughout the game you will surely make new friends and join in the immersive world of role playing. Everything in this game is completely original as the game has a complete staff that does everything from creating sprites to writing new music.

When you first start the game you are prompted to create a name, and pick your race and gender. You may choose any of the four current races: the Human, the Eldron, the Hounzalid, and the Rhizard. After you create your character you are introduced into the world in the largest city, Cajar. In this city you have many choices on what to do: you can explore the vast sewers, become a merchant, or do some of everything. When you leave the city you can explore the regions to the south, east, and west; each has its own territories and quests to complete.

In this game you will encounter many players, many of whom are friendly and will offer insight into the game. You are always able to access the chat rooms and message boards in case you need assistance with any problem you may encounter. Also the game’s staff members are nearly always on, and they are always willing to talk to players and help out. There is not one time that you will not find a staff member online and willing to help.

You are able to level up and become a strong adventurer. After every battle you gain an amount of experience as well as some crowne (in-game currency). The game also has guilds that you can join to further your non-combative skills. You can choose to become a specialized player and go into the mines and mine for diamonds, iron, and other minerals. You can also choose to become a powerful mage and shake the world itself with the epic spells you will acquire.

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06/05/13 - Donations Are Open!
The owner of the Cajarian Inne would like to let the public know that he is now, by popular demand, accepting donations to help him build new rooms for patrons.

Thank you, Staff

04/01/13 - Changes to the Front Page
After all these years, we thought it was time that the main page was updated. All text has now been rewritten to reflect our current goals and values (and we even got rid of a bunch of spelling mistakes!). We hope that you enjoy this update, though small we believe that it is important and are glad to be sharing this with you.

Thank you, Staff

03/27/13 - Mobile Banking
The mobile bank has been updated to allow for safety deposit box actions.

Thank you, Staff

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